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As part of our commitment in meeting with global energy challenges, vis-a-vis Nigeria, Africa and rest of the world, UKH diversified part of her activities into energy generation and distribution systems, biofuel and alternative energy generation. In view of the above challenges, UKH has invested over 10 million US Dollars in the last 5 years in renewable energy research development. We shall be unveiling our new-generation-energy conservation technology systems in 2009 after many years of intensive research.

In line with the above lead-down objectives, UKH entered into a joint agreement with the largest power & distribution transformers manufacturers, electrical & fiber optics cables manufacturer in the world namely: ZTR, UEA and Yuzhcable all located in Ukraine.


  • three-phase generator step-up transformers; maximum power - 1250 MVA with rated voltage up to 347 kV, 1000 MVA up to 525 kV;
  • single-phase generator step-up transformers in a three-phase bank up to 1600 MVA, 500 kV and 1250 MVA, 750 kV; designed for operation in the unit with one or two substation generators;
  • three-phase two- and three-winding autotransformers to connect high voltage networks and systems 63……500 MVA, voltage class up to 500 kV; any combinations of rated voltages are possible;
  • single-phase three-winding autotransformers of the same purpose; the highest parameters achieved – in three-phase bank 1500 MVA with voltage combination 750/330 kV and 2000 MVA, 1150/500 kV;
  • two - and three-winding transformers for substations of voltage class up to 500 kV and capacity up to 300 MVA;
  • auxiliary and start-reserve transformers for high power units in the required range of capacity and voltage; transformers from 25 to 63 MVA up to 330 kV are designed with split low voltage windings;



  • Power cables up to 10kv
  • Power cables with paper-impregnated insulation
  • Power cables with plastic insulation
  • XLPE insulated Power Cables up to 110kV
  • Medium voltage power cables
  • High voltage power cables
  • Ñables and wires with plastic insulation
  • Cables for signalling and interlocking systems
  • Control cables
  • Wires
  • Aerial insulated wires
  • Magnet thermally endurable wires & wires for various applications
  • Round or rectangular magnet wireså
  • Enamelled wires
  • Twin-conductor heat-resistant wires
  • Installation wires
  • Copper and aluminium drawn & rolled manufactured electrotechnical products and uninsulated wires
  • Copper bus bars, strips & trolleys
  • Wire
  • Copper trolley wires intended
  • Shaped trolleys
  • Uninsulated wires
  • Bare aluminium sector-shaped conductor
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Wthout armouring elements
  • With armour of aramid threads
  • With armour of steel circular galvanized wires
  • With armour of steel Zetabon tape
  • With a layer of aramid threads and armour of steel Zetabon tape
  • With armour of two steel galvanized tapes
  • With a layer of aramid threads and armour of two steel galvanized tapes
  • With armour of fiberplastic rod
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