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About Ukrkhimexport

Ukrkhimexport was established in the year 1998 as a subsidiary of Omnes Group, Ukraine. The major activities of our company are conducted in Ukraine and Russia. Under Ukrkhimexport are other subsidiary companies that engage in marketing, scientific research, company management, realisation of investment projects and innovations.

Ukrkhimexport has its representatives through out the republics of the former Soviet Union, the Baltic States, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

Ukrkhimexport has for a period of seven years of its existence, achieved remarkable business reputation amongst its partners. It's highly responsible and effective approach towards it's obligations have helped in developing a friendly and strategic partnership with several major factories in the former Soviet Union e.g Joint stock company "Sumykhimprom", State joint stock company "Titan", Krasnoperekopsk's Soda ash factory, Joint stock company "Azot" in Severodonetsk, J.S.C "Stirol", and other factories in Ukraine.

The above mentioned factories had made remarkable achievements in their several activities and their products are known worldwide and registered with various internationally known standard organizations like "Bureau veritas quality international, "Societe Generale de Surveillance" (S,G.S.) and others.

Ukrkhimexport is a company made up of professionals, armed with knowledge and experience in international business transactions, marketing and management, who reacts swiftly with any change in situation and the readiness to provide our clients with the best terms of partnership.

Ukrkhimexport is continuously widening it's sphere of activities and products with the aim to adapting to our fast changing environment.

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