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As part of our commitment in meeting with global energy challenges, vis-a-vis Nigeria, Africa and rest of the world, UKH diversified part of her activities into energy generation and distribution systems, biofuel and alternative energy generation. In view of the above challenges, UKH has invested over 10 million US Dollars in the last 5 years in renewable energy research development. We shall be unveiling our new-generation-energy conservation technology systems in 2009 after many years of intensive research.

In line with the above lead-down objectives, UKH entered into a joint agreement with the largest power & distribution transformers manufacturers, electrical & fiber optics cables manufacturer in the world namely: ZTR, UEA and Yuzhcable all located in Ukraine.

Our various Electric Distribution Transformers manufactured in Ukraine by Ukrelektroapparat (UEA) founded in 1957, have been delivered according to specifications to Siemens AG, Germany; ABB Electrical, Sweden; GE (General Electric Co.); Daewoo Electrical, South Korea; etc, while export has exceeded over 2 million units of various Distribution transformers to South Africa, DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), Angola, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, China, USA, Spain, Germany, Iraq, Russia, etc.

At UEA we are able to do this because we are located in Ukraine where skilled labor is a fraction of the cost elsewhere, but where the mentality and the system allows no compromises over quality. Indeed only top-quality Western electrical steel, pure copper windings and highest grade electrical oil are used in the manufacture of the Transformers, because they have to conform to the IEC Standards especially for longevity.

UKH/UEA stand out amongst other transformer manufacturers because we do customize our Transformers to meet clients need and that includes producing special custom plates on the Transformers with customer’s designated inscription as well as transformer oil anti-theft devices in order to meet with customer’s request especially for Nigeria.

All transformers supplied are new models manufactured same year of contract award to meet customer’s specifications. The lifespan of our Transformers is as much as 30 years while maintaining a 5 year after–sales- warrantee on each transformer.

Our other partner, ZTR is the world's largest manufacturer of power transformers and shunt reactors.

ZTR was built in 1947. Since early days ZTR grew rapidly and served international markets. ZTR was among pioneers of the industry in developing ultra-high voltage equipment, energizing first 750 kV transformers in 1972. More than two hundred and fifty 750-800 kV transformer units operate reliably now worldwide. ZTR is the world's only manufacturer of industrially used 1150kV transformers. Since1978, twenty 1150 kV transformers were installed. Having broad production base and accumulated vast experience, ZTR's production output in1988 reached 70000 MVA.

After the breakup of Soviet Union, ZTR gained unrestricted access to world markets and further developed its technical capabilities. Today’s cumulative experience of ZTR designers exceeds 7 000 years. ZTR transformers operate in 83 countries worldwide. New products are being introduced on a regular basis. ZTR started production of shunt reactors in 1996, developing successful and efficient technology in-house. Jointly with a group of scientists ZTR developed magnetically controlled shunt reactors.

The largest controlled reactor so far, 180 MVA 330 kV, was supplied in 2002. Today magnetically controlled shunt reactors are unique — exclusively produced by ZTR. ZTR strives for continuous quality improvements, develops technologies in order to meet any customer technical requirements.

The quality of ZTR reputation bases on production quality. For more than 10 years, ZTR quality management system has been working in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2000, and have successfully adapted to state standards of Russian Federation and Ukraine.

1995 - ZTR obtained certificate of quality standard ISO 9001 in the system of State standard of Russian Federation;

1996 - ZTR obtained International and Ukrainian certificate of conformity of quality control system to the requirements of ISO 9001 (in German accreditation system TGA|DAR and Ukrainian - UkrSEPRO);

2002 - ZTR confirmed the validity of International certificate according to ISO 9000:1994;

2003 - ZTR obtained the certificate of ISO 9001 as per edition 2000 in accreditation systems of TGA|DAR, GOST R, UkrSEPRO;

2006 - ZTR successfully finished the re-certification process in conformity to ISO 9001:2000 in the British accreditation system UKAS.

We welcome you at Ukrkhimexport to a mutual and beneficial business relationship built on trust and common understanding.

We promise to help you meet your demanding Energy needs at UKH.


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